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Project Cycle


Throughout all regions of the world, in the past just as in the present, similar varieties of games and toys were and are still played or played with.  They have spread their roots through civilizations, customs and myths: balls, bowls, spinning tops, marbles, dice, ropes, dolls, board games, are still played or played with today by both children and adults, and come in a rich tapestry of forms and variety of materials, with surprising similarities or diversities that capture our curiosity.


In a multicultural context, research projects and actions focusing on traditional games allow us to develop the narrative of cultural diversity starting with the similarities they have in common. This approach makes cultures less distant from the stereotyped images we tend to hold of them in our daily lives.


I offer associations and public administration the co-designing play projects and activities with with the aim of promoting integration, by rediscovering and transmitting traditional games and creating play spaces for children and adults. This contributes to galvanising a sense of identity among the entire community. Multicultural, yet unity in variety.

The perspective I am suggesting is based on the SEARCH FOR SOMALITIES: bringing out SHARED SPACES among individuals, such as the experience of games, music, cooking and fairy tales, in order to encourage encounters with the other, my classmate, my neighbour, my colleague.

Only when I see there is something in common between you and me,

do you become less foreign to me eyes, a little less diverse and less other than me.

Then a meeting between us becomes possible, and this leads to dialogue.

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